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Make 2023 your Best Work Year Yet

by Nicola Heaney

We are well into 2023 by now, which means that it’s likely that some of those good intentions have already begun to slip by the wayside. But it’s not too late to get back on track – here’s our top five tips on how to make 2023 your best work year yet.

Make it Personal

The spaces we occupy influence how we act and who we become. If you surround yourself with things that inspire and motivate you, you’ll find your mood improves and your productivity levels increase. Make your desk your haven with a plant or two and a couple of nick-nacks or pictures that bring you joy.

But what if you’re hot-desking?

That’s no reason your workspace has to be drab and dull – if you’re hot-desking, you’ve got the freedom to choose where you work – go for a co-working space with lots of natural light and greenery. Plus, why not add some bright accessories to bring a pop of colour – it could be a fuschia pink laptop case or a notebook with a personalised front cover showing your favourite beach.


Check in with your goals

How many times have you set a resolution in January and forgotten about it come the Spring? It’s easily done, which is why February is a great time to check in with your professional goals. Not only will it keep you focused, but you’ll also have a more realistic outlook on whether or not your goals are achievable. What steps have you made towards your goals? Are you heading in the right direction? Is there anyone who can help guide you?


Get Some Help

From project management apps like Monday.com to team collab programmes like slack, there’s a whole host of technologies designed to support productivity. There are even apps designed solely to help you focus like forest or ones that generate soundwaves to improve your mental capacity like brain.fm. But sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing – and it’s impossible to try them all. If you haven’t already, do a little research and choose a couple to research over the coming year. They could give your productivity the boost it needs. There’s a great up-to-date selection on the cloudwards site: Best Productivity Apps of 2023


Double Up to Double Results

New Year Resolution to get healthier? What are you doing about it in the working day? Think about using your lunchtime to get out and about – maybe take a stroll in the local area. Is there a gym at your office you could use at lunchtime? Or shower facilities you can use to go for a run or cycle to work? By incorporating your new year’s resolutions into your working day, it means you’re doubling up on your time and using it much more efficiently – leaving you more time in the evenings to pursue your other interests and hobbies!

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Variety is the Spice of Life

Whether it’s a new piece of workwear or a new notebook or pen, a little injection of variety into your everyday work routine can really add joy to your day. And a happy worker is a more productive worker. Take a look at your daily routine – is there anything you can change? It could even be as simple as trying a new recipe for lunch (an opportunity to encourage healthy living?) once or twice a week.


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