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Get Ready for September: Back to Work

by Hannah Graham, Nicola Heaney

You've probably noticed the 'back-to-school' displays popping up in supermarkets, signalling the end of summer and the return to work. But fear not, there are exciting ways to embrace the post-summer season and elevate your work at Square Works.

1. Elevate your workspace with new stationery or office supplies

Remember the thrill of getting new school supplies? Relive that excitement by refreshing your workspace with a touch of newness. Treat yourself to a vibrant notebook, a sleek leather mousepad, or perhaps a cherished holiday keepsake. The impact on your mood and productivity might surprise you.

2. Revisit your January goals for a September reboot

September isn't just a time for school kids to reset; it's a fantastic opportunity for you too. With three-quarters of the year behind us, reflect on your personal work goals. If you're on track, kudos! If not, don't fret—you have four whole months to make your goals a reality. Need a productivity boost? Check out our blog on optimizing productivity for practical tips.

How To Optimise Productivity At Your Desk

3. Keep that summer-time sunshine

While autumn officially begins in September, the warm weather doesn't always vanish overnight. Seize the chance to soak up some Vitamin D by taking lunchtime walks or enjoying alfresco after-work drinks. Discover the best spots in Clifton for both with our blogs!

Lunch-time walks around Clifton

Best spots for al fresco after-work drinks in Clifton

4. Boost productivity with project management tools

Looking to supercharge your productivity this season? Project management software is your secret weapon. It helps you streamline tasks and projects, ensuring you stay organized and efficient. Want to explore the best tools out there? We've compiled our favourites for you to discover.

Square Works' Favourite Project Management Tools

Your September Transition Plan

As summer fades and the work rhythm picks up, make your transition seamless and invigorating. Elevate your surroundings, refine your goals, enjoy the sunshine, and embrace productivity-enhancing tools.

Ready to make the most of September? Let's dive in together. Book your tour at Square Works now and discover Bristol's best co-working space.

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