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Interview with canine colleague Daisy

by Nicola Heaney

At Square Works, our canine colleagues are very much a part of our community. Meet Daisy, the Chief Mental Health Officer at Persona Education Ltd. We caught up with her companion Leila to find out more about this very important member of our community.

“Daisy is a rescue. We found her 2 years ago at the Many Tears dog home in Wales. Warning! Don't visit unless you are prepared to see 100s of dogs without a home and, more positively, willing to take one home.

Daisy was caged amongst a group of larger dogs - but my daughter spotted her straight away - she was literally a gentle giant that stood out amongst many sad hounds. She was hugely overweight due to 6 years in a barn on a puppy farm but was so loving that we just couldn't leave her. I'll spare you from more of this story but please if you ever buy a puppy be careful where you source!

As a rescue, Daisy deserves good company all day long - so having an office that not only accepts dogs but utterly adores dogs was a must. With Brandon Hill one minute walk away from Square Works, getting Daisy out during office hours is not only easy but also positive for my mental health. She's very good at telling me if we both need a break! 

I thoroughly recommend Square Works as somewhere to work and bring your pooch. Staff and other office residents are so kind to Daisy that I often find she's escaped into the corridors and is having a belly rub by someone she's found - usually by the kitchen. I think this is quite unique - I've worked in many places in Bristol and London and this is the first time I've been able to bring my dog and felt comfortable enough to do so.

Daisy's role at Persona Education is to remind the staff to take breaks and look after our mental health. I suppose she's our Chief Mental Health Officer!

Finally, Daisy would like to thank everyone to date who has given her a belly rub or stroked her silky ears and looks forward to more of the same in the future. Oh and any food you've got would also be very welcome!”