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July Member of the Month

by Hannah Graham

It's time to announce another Member of the Month!

We’re excited to announce our latest Member of the Month! This July, we’re celebrating Dara from Duality Quantum Photonics. They are a quantum computing company who are building the next generation of computing devices for applications in clean energy and drug design.

Duality are expanding fast, which means we’ll see lots more of them at Square Works! Dara loves the friendly atmosphere in the Square Works community, and thinks it’s a great place to meet people working in different areas!

From the whole Square Works team, thank you Dara! We love having you and your colleagues here at Square Works, congratulations on being Member of the Month!

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Why it’s so important to reward out team members?

Our team works hard to maintain the high standards of our co-working space in our lovely Bristol. Bristol is a busy and cheerful city running on the business speed. This means our team needs to have always a perfect space for our community of workers.

We try to make their day as easy as possible.