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May Member of the Month

by Nicola Heaney

The lovely Saskia works for Danone in Financial Controlling. In her words: ‘It sounds boring but I LOVE my job!’ Danone were one of Saskia’s clients when she was a financial auditor and she decided to move over to the bright side!

Over the last year, her biggest challenge has been being a full-time caring and loving parent, alongside work and a social life that are just as important to her. “Finding the right balance is somewhat difficult, and our children have Cystic Fibrosis which requires a lot of extra care. But I think we’ve found it and we are a very happy and fulfilled family!” Saskia says that Square Works plays a very big role in her work/life/social balance and that since becoming a member with us and no longer working from home, her life has really changed!

In terms of recent achievements, 2 years ago Saskia ran a solo marathon to fundraise for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (with a 6-month-old baby), training in the dark in between breastfeeds, and raised £30,000! (WOW). More recently she held a cake sale at Square Works and raised more funds towards her forever life goal: helping progress research on Cystic Fibrosis treatments!

When asked what she likes the most about being a member at Square Works, she said: “I LOVE coming into Square Works in the morning. It gets me out of the house, gives me a high-quality working environment where I can be focused and productive and allows me to have a bit of social time. The reception team is always so lovely, friendly and welcoming. I have made a few good friends there, and that is very precious! My family has really seen a change in my overall mental health since joining Square Works, working from home for too long really drained me!”

We’re sure you can tell why we love having Saskia around so much! Her positive outlook and energy is fantastic to be around and she always makes the team feel valued. Congratulations Saskia; a very worthy Member of the Month and we wish you all the luck in the world with the (currently growing) addition to your family.