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Meet The Team: Patryk

by Hannah Graham

Square Works wouldn't be Square Works if it wasn't for our amazing team. The warm and friendly welcome that members and visitors receive is one of the things we pride ourselves on! That's why we're giving you an insight into life at Square Works and celebrating everyone on our team!

This week we're introducing you to Patryk, one of our fantastic Community Hosts! You need only ask our members to find out how well-loved Patryk is around Square Works. One recent testimonial quite rightly said 'Patryk is an icon. Everyone always comments on how lovely he is and his ability to remember names is second to none.'

We asked Patryk some random questions so that you can get to know him... Here's what he had to say:

What is a fun or unexpected fact about yourself?

"It might not be that unexpected to some, as I was sure to do some self-advertising around Square Works, but whenever I'm not behind the reception, I'm most likely behind my DJ decks or my drum machine, playing or making some hip-hop."

Who is the best at ping pong out of everyone on the Square Works team?

"On a daily basis, I'm working way too hard to have time to play ping pong, but assuming Niamh would be as good at serving the ball as she is at serving our members, she'd be the one!"

If you could instantly learn a new skill or talent, what would it be and why?

"I wouldn't want to learn anything instantly; the journey is the whole magic of it. Just kidding. Backflip."

What TV game or talent show could you win and why?

"When I was a kid, I was a big fan of the Polish version of Family Fortunes. It would be fun to try myself in the British one, especially having the rest of the Square Works staff on my team."

Why do you think someone should sign up to be a member of Square Works?

"On Valentine's Day, we are raising money for Caring in Bristol charity by sending anonymous Cupid arrows to other members - if you sign up soon enough, you've got a high chance of getting one from me!"

These are great answers from Patryk, and we agree that learning how to backflip instantly would be an amazing skill!