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Member Of The Month: June

by Evie Andrews

It's that time again for a new Member of the Month! This June, we're celebrating Jorge Monroy Ruz from Duality Quantum Photonics. Jorge brightens everyone's day with his friendly personality and is a wonderful person to have around at Square Works. We asked Jorge some questions about him and his work at Duality, here's what he had to say:

Can you tell us about your job? How did it all start?

"I work as a photonics engineer at Duality Quantum Photonics. In a nutshell, I work in a team of extremely talented people designing and testing microchips that process information using light instead of electrical currents. It all started when I moved from Mexico City to study a PhD at Quantum Engineering Technology Labs at the University of Bristol, a research centre within the university dedicated to exploring quantum technologies. I met amazing people at QET Labs, some of which decided to embark on the adventure of developing this technology in an industrial setting rather than in an academic one. I joined them in October last year and I am happy to say that it couldn’t have been a better move for my career. It has been refreshing, exciting and a lot of fun."

Any recent news or achievements you wish to share?

"Well, certainly the major event this year has been getting married to my wonderful wife (I’m covering all the bases here, who knows who can be reading this). However, on the professional side of things, we have started to get results from some of the first microchips I designed when I started at Duality. It might not be super exciting to everybody, but it is very rewarding to see a crappy plot displayed on the computer screen made from data coming from a microchip you helped design."

What do you like most about being a member at Square Works?

"Probably one of the reasons why I have found this job so refreshing and fun has to do with working on-site at Square Works.  All the staff are always so warm, friendly and helpful. The same goes for other members who have all been nothing but friendly. Having only worked in student offices in universities and Square Works I certainly don’t have tons of experience in the topic, but I can’t imagine how it could get better than Square Works."

Thank you for your answers Jorge and congratulations!