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Members Q&A - Persona Education

We talked to our member and co-founder of Persona Education Pete Read about the success of his new business.

Pete, can you tell us about Persona? How did it all start?

I started Persona Education in 2020 with co-founder Leila Khouja Walker. We wanted to make the benefits of personality insights available to young people by developing e-learning solutions to help address gaps in social-emotional life skills, wellbeing, and employability.

What challenges did you face over the last year?

There's been a lot of interest from schools and colleges in well-being due to the pressures on students caused by Covid. However the pandemic has also made things incredibly difficult for most schools, so it's been challenging for us to get them up and running with Persona because they keep having to focus on just the basics of running their school.  

Any recent news or achievements you wish to share?

We've recently been selected for the SuperCharger Edtech Accelerator program, which helps high-potential edtech startups to expand in Europe and Asia. Only a few companies are picked out of hundreds applying so we are very excited to be chosen.

Why did you choose coworking and Square Works to host your business?

Because of the great location, it's stylish, and the Square Club membership  

What do you like the most about being a member at Square Works?

The relaxed atmosphere and finding out about the other members' businesses

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I cook to relax, go running and mountain biking to keep fit and practice Goju-ryu Karate to stay centered and focused.