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Our Favourite Creative Sites

Creativity is almost always a collaborative process.

Even if you work solo or as part of a small team, your work is likely to be drawn from wider sources of inspiration. We’ve rounded up our picks of the best creative sites and blogs, whether it’s just to browse through or help ignite that creative spark!

Creative Review

Creative Review is a monthly magazine targeted on the commercial arts and design scene.

i-D Magazine

i-D is a British magazine dedicated to fashion, music, art and youth culture. i-D was founded by designer and former Vogue art director Terry Jones in 1980.

It's Nice That 

Founded in 2007, It’s Nice That has grown across many platforms and reaches over a million people each month. 

These include the website which is updated daily, a bi-annual magazine Printed Pages, a summer symposium Here and the monthly Nicer Tuesdays talks series.

Huck Magazine 

Huck is a bi-monthly magazine, website and video platform.

It has been recognized for its style of exploring subcultures as "entry points for articles about music, politics and places all over the world."


The best place online for discovering the latest and coolest trends in web and UX design.

This Is Colossal 

Launched in 2010 by writer and curator Christopher Jobson, Colossal is one of the largest visual art, design, and culture blogs on the web reaching an audience of 2-3 million visitors every month.


The ultimate industry go-to blog for interior design and architectural inspiration, Dezeen gets the respect of designers worldwide and we can see why.

*Banner image courtesy of Printed Pages.