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Self-care at Work

by Nicola Heaney

We've all heard the phrase self-care and understand the basic jist - taking the time to look after yourself, whether that's snuggling up with a favourite comedy, taking a long relaxing bath, getting out in the fresh air at a local beauty spot. But how does this translate to the working environment?

1. Make the time to connect

Humans are social creatures and we need interaction with others. Now, we're not talking about spending the morning chatting about last night's TV, but just taking the time to connect with your colleagues over a coffee is enough to feel connected and lift our moods. So next time you're heading for the kettle, offer to get a round in and take a few minutes to take a break and get to know your workmates a little better.

2. Get moving

Our bodies aren't built to sit at a desk all day - and our minds aren't equipped to stay focused for eight hour stretches. That's why it's so important to get up and move around every hour or so. Instead of sending an email, can you get up and walk to that person's desk? Why not make your lunch break an outdoors one by taking a stroll around the local area? If you're Clifton-based, we've put together some of our favourite lunchtime walks so there's no excuse!

Lunchtime Walks Around Clifton

3. Surround yourself with loved ones

It might be a bit of a tired trope, but having photographs on your desk of loved ones or happy memories are a great way to instantly boost mood. If your office has a hot-desking policy, these could be screensavers.

4. Bring some life to your workspace

The benefits of plants are well-documented. We're not talking turning your desk into a jungle, but a simple, easy-to-care-for house plant can add a bit of vitality to your desk - and a little pop of colour will never be unappreciated. At Square Works, we're proud of all our greenery - looking after them is pretty much a full-time job in itself!

5. Don't try to do too much

It's easy to feel that the to-do list has grown a mind of its own - which is why it's so important to make sure that we set ourselves SMART targets each day. One top tip is to only set yourself a list of 3-5 essential things you'll complete in a day. Chances are, you'll complete many more, but knowing that you've ticked off the essentials will guarantee a sense of achievement.


For more ideas, we really like this blog post at Bestow: 9 Ways to Practice Self Care at Work