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Square Works’ Evie nominated for prestigious community award!

by Hannah Graham

We’re delighted to announce that our very own Evie Andrews has been named as a finalist for the Community Spirit award at the Night of the Stars Awards!

Evie received a glowing nomination for this award, highlighting the huge impact she has made at Square Works and across the wider community through her work as Community Assistant Manager. Evie is always looking after the needs of her team and those working around her- including the members she sees day in, day out.

We asked Evie what this award means to her:

It’s wonderful, if a little surreal, to have been nominated for this award.

In truth this nomination isn’t just for me, but for the amazing team at Square Works and our fabulous members who consistently indulge my hare-brained schemes for charity fundraising. It is due to their support that we have made a difference and hopefully will continue to do so within the Bristol community.

Credit is also due to the dedication of our in-house Charity Committee, Lucy Pitman especially, and the hard work of the charities we have worked with this year: The Grand Appeal and Caring in Bristol.

These awards are organised by The Bristol Hoteliers Association to recognise and celebrate the outstanding performance and talent of people working in the hospitality industry. The prestigious award ceremony is taking place on March 7th at Ashton Gate, so stay tuned to find out the results!

All of us at Square Works are wishing Evie congratulations and good luck!