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Be part of a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs in Bristol's most exciting co-working space. Share your expertise and grow your business alongside members at the forefront of the city. You’ll find everyone from nationwide magazines on contemporary culture to marketing consultancy, film makers and illustrators.

With over half of phase one already sold out, take a look at our founding members below.


A nationwide print magazine and website focusing on everything forward-thinking in art and music.

Level Films

An award-winning production company, based in Bristol. They make films that screen internationally - from documentaries and short films, to corporate work for major brands.

Consult Believe

Consult Believe are a Bristol based business consultancy offering SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Management & Human Resources Consultancy.


Huxley are a full-service film production studio. They combine contemporary filmmaking and animation to create brave, branded content.

Good Eggs

A Bristol based marketing startup, that works closely with brands, providing their expertise through Insight, Imagination and Integrity.

Behind the Scenes

Film, TV, Charity and Corporate Events - its what we do - Developing your event with exceptional creativity in Design and Delivery.

Studio Misfit

A design, communication and business intelligence agency that empowers rebellious clients on every habitable continent.

Cadence Innova

Cadence Innova is a values driven consultancy and innovation firm made up of 100+ business leaders, innovators and sector specialists.

Troy TV

Troy TV is the new UK branch of Padi Productions. Specializing in documentaries, factual entertainment, commercial and educational content, the dynamic, international team collaborates with the best broadcasters and independent production companies around the world.

The Mana House

The Mana House was founded with one goal in mind; to grow the entire geek community of Bristol and bring them all under one roof.

TVF Media

TVF is an award winning media group committed to realising the creative potential of the 21st century media landscape.


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