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Bristol's Best Co-Working Spaces

by Hannah Graham

With office rental and energy bills soaring, it’s no surprise that the co-working industry is on the rise. Most co-working spaces offer flexible contracts that can reduce the overall cost of renting an entire office, as well as regular events and well-being activities, all within a community of different businesses and individuals.

Bristol is home to some of the best co-working spaces in the South West, with a diverse scene of locations and offerings that lean into the creative and quirky nature of the city. We’re sharing our favourite co-working spots in Bristol and why we think they’re the best for you and your business.

Evoke Pictures  Square Works 035

Square Works

We couldn’t write a list of Bristol’s Best Co-Working Spaces without including ourselves. Square Works was named Bristol’s best Co-Working Space at the 2022 Bristol Property Awards and with good reason. We are Bristol’s only co-working space combined with a private members’ club – the Square. Nestled into the historic Berkeley Square, Square Works seamlessly blends tradition with modernity and luxury. We offer a range of membership options to suit all needs, from flexible hot-desking memberships to fully serviced offices, plus, all members can take advantage of our specially curated events calendar, a newly-built fitness suite, members lunches and more. With an added bonus in the form of a global network of reciprocal clubs!

Find out more about Square Works and our membership options here.


Origin Co Working Space Bristol

Origin Workspace

Origin Workspace is a co-working space that focuses on the importance of work-life balance. This space combines premium office amenities with wellness initiatives like yoga sessions, a rooftop terrace and a state-of-the-art gym. Also located on Berkeley Square in Clifton, Origin offers a mix of private offices and shared spaces, catering to both individuals and businesses of all sizes. The professional environment fosters productivity, whilst maintaining the culture of collaboration that is so important to them.

To find out more about Origin, head to their website.


Runway East Co Working Space Bristol

Runway East

Runway East is a co-working space that has gained a reputation for supporting tech startups in Bristol. With its super central location and proximity to Temple Meads, this space is designed to help businesses take off. Runway East offers flexible memberships and access to networking events that can help you build meaningful connections in your industry. The space is also known for its modern amenities, including high-speed internet, soundproof phone booths and event spaces, making it the ideal choice for tech-minded individuals.

Head to the Runway East website to find out more.


DeskLodge Co Working Space Bristol


Located just a short walk from Bristol, DeskLodge is a unique co-working space that is ideal for the quirky and fun among us. They provide a wide range of workspaces, from hot desks to private offices, designed to cater to the needs of freelancers, startups, and established businesses. DeskLodge prides itself on its vibrant and inclusive community, which frequently hosts events, workshops, and networking opportunities. Their attention to aesthetics and design has created an inviting atmosphere, making it a favourite among Bristol's creative professionals.

To find out more about DeskLodge, head to their website.


Gather Round Co Working Space Bristol

Gather Round

Gather Round is a co-working space that was built for creatives, by creatives. This collaborative space is designed to encourage innovation and networking, providing flexible workspaces and a vibrant community that is perfect for those in Bristol’s creative industries. If you’re looking for an exciting group of like-minded folk working from a thoughtfully designed space, then Gather Round might just be the place for you.

To find out more about Gather Round, head to their website.


This list is not exhaustive, in fact there is no shortage of fantastic workspaces in Bristol. Other honourable mentions include Engine Shed, an innovation hub that connects entrepreneurs, academics, and businesses alike. Impact Working is also an inspiring space that will fuel your productivity and help you to widen your industry connections.