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Co-working 24 Hours a Day

In this new decade our working schedules are changing, so how can our offices spaces meet this changing pattern of work?

Here at Square Works, we think a 24 hour co-working space is the best way to let our members work how they want, when they want.

 Not everyone is working 9-5, Monday to Friday anymore. It’s 2020, people have side hustles on side hustles, they’re working 24 hours and your hot-desking space closes at 5pm? That won’t work for you when there already aren’t enough hours in the day. So this should be reflected in our workspaces.


If you’re a budding entrepreneur or working freelance then you know that your business has no closing time, it’s working 24 hours a day and so are you. This is why we guarantee 24 hour access to our offices because we know you shouldn’t be locked out when you’re just about to get going. Square Works is home to many entrepreneurs and freelance artists, staying open 24 hours a day allows our residents to come and go as they please, their business can work for them and they can manage work with their personal lives.

This is important for larger businesses as well, not just freelancers. As more businesses move towards a four day working week and don’t stick to a traditional Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day, working week, more flexible office hours are required. We’ve very much reflected this in our opening times to ensure that however your business works, whatever hours it works, we’re open and available.

Also even local businesses can be global. Being as connected as we are nowadays, means there’s no limit to how far a business started in Southmead can reach. This means that Bristol businesses aren’t necessarily working to a Bristol time zone. Any business with links abroad needs to able to adapt and adjust to a different time zone at a moment’s notice. A 24 hour office space accommodates this and makes sure nothing stands in the way of your business thriving.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Having an office space that stays open 24 hours also allows for some time to relax after work. With an open and welcoming atmosphere, Square Works stays open late and is the perfect place to relax, chat with fellow members and enjoy a drink while playing some ping pong after a long day, late into the evening.


This 24 hour opening time part of Square Work’s aim to provide everything our members need to excel, to take their business to new heights and to balance every aspect of their lives with work. Phase 2 of Square Works is now open, find out more about our offices and hot desking spaces here.