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Healthy Habits for Coworking

Breaking old habits and building new ones can be hard, but with a few consistent tweaks here and there you can develop habits that will help you live healthier and more productive lives.

General habits – 5 things to do at home

1. Sleep routine

Sleep is crucial to our wellbeing. We already know that we need at least seven hours of sleep each night, so what prevents us from getting it? Think about how you can improve your sleep: is your sleep hygiene good? Do you put away the screen at least an hour before bed? Avoid meals and alcohol before hitting the hay? Think about what your biggest sleep disruptor is – and aim to make a change. Prioritising sleep is one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for a successful, productive and energised day.

2. Get your exercise

If one thing has stuck from lockdown, it’s the one hour exercise a day. Whether it’s a walk, run, gym class, yoga, or swimming, it doesn’t matter whatever form of body movement you choose, just do something! Exercise relieves stress and tension, boosts endurance and releases feel-good endorphins which help your body to work more efficiently.

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3. Eat a sustainable healthy diet

Now, if you’re eating super healthy during the week then gorging on fast food and binging on alcohol at the weekend - that’s not balance. It’s not about giving up the foods you love, it’s about trying healthier alternatives, taking control of portion sizes and fuelling your body with lean protein, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains. Meal prep is a great help when it comes to getting into a routine of healthy eating and keeping on track – why not pre-prep your weekend foods during the week to make sure you’re putting the best foods into your system?  Or why not put some time aside at the weekend to try out that new healthy recipe you’ve never had the chance to try mid-week?

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4. Reconnect with yourself

What do you feel passionate about? What makes you feel good? Do something meaningful for yourself every day! Whether it’s listening to your favourite podcast, a luxurious skin care routine, dancing around your kitchen for 5 minutes - just do something that makes you feel whole. Putting effort into the things that matter most to you will help you reserve your energy in ways that will bring out the best in you.

5. Plan and prioritise

Are you aware of your energy levels when they’re at their highest and lowest? Decide how to take advantage of that. Prioritise important tasks when you are feeling energised, fresh and productive and leave the less high-maintenance jobs (like sorting the recycling) for when you’re in an energy slump.


Co-working – 5 things to do at work to be your best self

1. Take your breaks

Take. Your. Breaks. It’s a legal requirement for a reason. If you’ve been working on something continuously for hours, you eventually run into a dead end. When your ideas may not flow, you start struggling to think straight or have difficulty finding a solution to a problem that’s when you need to take a break. That doesn’t mean sit on your phone and scroll social media - physically step away from your area and get some fresh air. A healthy tip: set a timer to reminder yourself to take breaks.

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2. Clean and organised workspace

Less clutter, less stress. Your office is a reflection of the business (and your mind) so a neat workplace increases morale and transforms your workspace into a cleaner, safer, healthier, happier work environment. Once you create a workplace culture where everything is placed neatly in its place, there will be less chance of lost items – which will lead to less lost time and inefficiency.

3. Organised healthy lunches & snacks

Grabbing lunch out can be tempting, but it rinses your bank account and 9 times out of 10 you will get that post-lunch slump (we all know that feeling and it’s not nice).  Meal prep is key to staying on track and fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to stay focused. If you do need to pop out for lunch, keep it healthy – we’ve pulled together a list of our fave healthy lunch spots in Clifton.

4. Get up and move frequently

Move your body! If your job has you sitting a lot, make a point to get up and stretch often. Take the stairs instead of the lift, see if a co-worker will join you for a coffee in the break area and get out for a walk in your lunch. Your body will thank you.

5. Office exercises & good posture

Sitting for long periods at your desk can lead to some serious complications, so we’ve invented a 5 step deskercise routine for you:

1. Stretch your arms into an overhead stretch and shrug it off

2. Turn and rotate the neck

3. Clasp your hands behind your back and stretch out your torso in and out, left to right

4. Hug one knee at a time, pulling it towards your chest

5. Extend one leg outward and reach toward your toes