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Meet The Team: Niamh

by Hannah Graham

Square Works wouldn't be Square Works if it wasn't for our amazing team. The warm and friendly welcome that members and visitors receive is one of the things we pride ourselves on! That's why we're celebrating our fantastic team and giving you an insight into life at Square Works!

This week we're introducing you to Niamh, who you may already know as our facilities supervisor. We're excited to announce that Niamh is now joining the reception team as a Community Host!

We asked Niamh some random questions so that you can get to know her... Here's what she had to say:

What is a fun or unexpected fact about yourself?

"I apologise because this is going to be more of a gruesome fact than a fun one. When I was in school I chopped off my finger in the hinge of a door (only the top but it still counts.)"

Who is the best at ping pong out of everyone on the Square Works team?

"Of course it’s Kevin, however that’s probably because he’s the most competitive."

If you could instantly learn a new skill or talent, what would it be and why?

"I would love to be able to speak more languages. I try to use Duolingo as often as I can but it’s a long process so if I could have that skill given to me instantly I would be very happy."

What TV game or talent show could you win and why?

"I think I would do an amazing job on Total Wipeout. Going up and down the stairs at Square Works all day has really built up my stamina so now I feel prepared to take on the Total Wipeout course."

Why do you think someone should sign up to be a member of Square Works?

"Square Works has such a friendly, welcoming environment. It’s the perfect place for meeting and socialising with other companies, whether that is in the kitchen making a coffee or at one of the many events that are held here and at the Square Club. There’s always a positive atmosphere when you enter the building and I’m proud to be a part of the Square team."

Fantastic answers! Be sure to look out for Niamh at the Square Works reception soon...