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Why Bristol is the place to be for a start-up business

A city home to creatives and academics alike, it seems that Bristol has been in the news a fair bit recently and mostly for positive reasons.

As the sixth most populated city in the UK, it is probably safe to assume that people really like it here, but why? I would hazard a guess that the superb social scene, sublime shopping facilities, low unemployment rates and beautifully varied housing within close proximity to wonderful areas of countryside all probably help.

It’s probably fair to say that there are a few people out there have grown up dreaming of the day they might finally move to Bristol (I know I did). Home to three universities and several conservatoires, many of Bristol’s graduates choose to settle here after their courses finish.

It’s great for the people, but why’s it so good for a start-up business?

With a bountiful pool of graduate talent to build a team from, you’re also going to need somewhere to work. Conveniently, we are in the age of co-working – something that has gone figuratively boom in the last few years. Co-working spaces and serviced offices are the perfect place to kick-start a small business for many reasons. One is that co-working means a community of people in similar industries, where you can learn from other people and their projects.

Something to also take into consideration when looking for hot desks or office space is that Bristol ranks above average on broadband speed. The average for the city is currently 60 mbit/s, compared to the national average sitting at just 46mbit/s.

So you have your workforce, and a place to work, but how will you get there?

Transport links are another important consideration for many start-up businesses. Bristol is perfectly positioned to take advantage of its proximity to London, whilst being far enough away to foster an encouraging, supportive entrepreneurial community. The city has also had a transport boost in recent years as it welcomed the Metrobus, solidifying transport links between the centre and key residential areas.

If you drive, it might be worth looking into car-sharing, as this would be a great way of doing your bit for the environment by cutting down on carbon emissions, while also building bonds with your colleagues.

What extra start-up support can you get in Bristol?

The SETsquared partnership has been ranked as the number one university business incubator in the world for the third consecutive time by leading research and advisory firm, UBI Global. SETsquared is home to a whole host of exciting small businesses, having helped around 3,650 businesses since 2002, when it started. 
Bristol is also home to a wide range of local and national employers – virtually every area of trade is thriving, including retail, construction, manufacturing, storage, transportation, IT, communications, health, social work, science and technical industries.

Over to you

Bristol is home to a whole host of brilliant entrepreneurial start ups. Regardless of your particular industry, with such a big support network here, your business is in safe hands in Bristol. Whether you studied here and want to carry on your next chapter in Bristol, or you’re considering a permanent home to set up shop, Bristol could have everything you need to make your business a success.

Best wishes,

Kai - Square Works Membership Assistant