Square Works awarded best co working space in Bristol

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Creative Gift Giving in Bristol

  According to a Hungarian study, “Spending money on experiences rather than on material goods tends to make people happier.

Square Works nominated one of Bristol's best co-working spaces

Square Works has been announced as a finalist in the Co-Working Space category at this year’s Bristol Property Awards! It’s an honour that our unique workspace has been recognised as one...

Square Works renovation update!

Square Works’ exciting new renovation into 19 Berkeley Square is due to open its doors in the next couple of months! The Quarter property development team have been working hard to...

Four Reasons co-working is cheaper than working from home

Four ways co-working is more cost efficient than working from home

Get Ready for September Back to Work

You may have noticed all the ‘back-to-school’ displays in the supermarket. The summer holidays are coming to a close and soon we’ll all be back to work.

Square Works breathes new life into historic Clifton townhouse

Bristol’s luxury co-working space Square Works have announced their expansion into 19 Berkeley Square, a previously abandoned listed building.

How To Optimise Productivity At Your Desk

In a time where hybrid or fully remote working is becoming increasingly more common, it is really important to be able to make the most of your work environment.

Self-care at Work

We've all heard the phrase self-care and understand the basic jist - taking the time to look after yourself, whether that's snuggling up with a favourite comedy, taking a long...

Lunchtime Walks Around Clifton

Lunchtime Walks Clifton As Bristol moves from Spring into Summer, there’s no excuse for not getting out of the office at lunchtime for a little stroll round the neighbourhood.

Square Works is growing!

We were absolutely thrilled to share our exciting news at our Spring Soiree – we’re expanding Square Works next door into 19 Berkeley Square! In the last three years, we've...

Starting to Commute by Bike? 10 Tips for new Cyclists

With the weather becoming warmer and the evenings growing lighter, it’s the perfect time to think about taking the plunge and commuting to work.

Ten Best Spots for Spring Afterworks in Clifton

As Bristol prepares itself for Spring, many of Clifton’s outdoor drinking spots are being spruced up for the influx of afterwork punters.

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