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Five Ways to Unwind at Work - Without Leaving your Desk

January is a great time for adopting new habits. Sometimes, even the smallest, simplest things can make a difference.

Interview with canine colleague Daisy

At Square Works, our canine colleagues are very much a part of our community. Meet Daisy, the Chief Mental Health Officer at Persona Education Ltd.

How Co-working Spaces can help your Business Thrive

The Harvard Business Review reports that those who work in co-working spaces are thriving in comparison to employees who work in regular offices.

Phase Three Coming SOON!

Luxury Bristol co-working community Square Works have just opened the waitlist for the last phase of the building.

Quick Questions with Members of SquareWorks

Community isn’t just a buzzword here at SquareWorks – building a supportive community that enriches the experience of our members is one of the pillars of the SquareWorks philosophy.

Healthy Habits for Coworking

Breaking old habits and building new ones can be hard, but with a few consistent tweaks here and there you can develop habits that will help you live healthier and...

Healthy Lunch Spots Around Clifton Triangle

Sometimes it can be hard to find a lunch that balances filling and feeling full.

4 Wellbeing benefits of coworking spaces for remote workers

wellbeing benefits of coworking spaces

With so many of us adopting a more flexible approach to working, coworking spaces are rising in popularity across the UK.

Members Q&A - Troy TV

A few months ago we met with the company director and producer of Troy TV, Sara Gibbings to learn more about their achievements and challenges over the last year and...

Serviced Offices at Square Works

After what has been a long year of home-working for most, you might well be craving some real-life interaction and re-evaluating your ways of working.

Members Q&A - Persona Education

We talked to our member and co-founder of Persona Education Pete Read about the success of his new business.

Member Fathom Q&A

We caught up with our longstanding members Fathom earlier this month to give us an insight into what they do, their experience at Square Works and their future plans.

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